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In textile manufacturing, finishing refers to any process performed on yarn or fabric to improve the look, performance, or "hand" (feel) of the finished textile or clothing.

ALKA offers a wide range of specialty products to create a variety of effects.  Alka products are applied to various fabric types; cellulosic, synthetic and blend, products are formulated to modify physical characteristics such as softness, smoothness, drape, abrasion resistance, water absorption and moisture management.

Product Application
Fatty Acid Softener
Alkasoft LFS Flakes Verstile softening agent for all types of fibres
Alkasoft LFS Paste Fatty acid pseudo cationic softener (Paste)
Alkasoft SCO Liquid softener with hydrophilic properties
Non-Ionic Softener
Alkasoft 5200 Flakes Non-ionic softener for all kind of fibres (Flakes)
Alkasoft 5200 Paste Non-ionic softener for all kind of fibres (Paste)
Polyethylene Based Softener
Alkasoft PEN Polyethylene softener (high density)
Alkasoft L Polyethylene wax emulsion for sewability improvement
Scroopying Agent
Alkasoft CAS Scroopying agent for Surgical cotton
Silicone Softener
Alkasil UGS Silicone elastomeric compound
Alkasil HSM Revolutionary silicone softener for durable hydrophilic finish of textiles
Alkasil SIM Novel silicone softener for finishing of textile fabrics
Alkasil SHA Modified silicone softener for universal application
Alkasil 64 Silicone softener for final finishing of textiles
Alkasil SMQ Silicone softener having hydrophilic properties
Alkasil SMF 44 Softener and additive for the final finish of textiles
Alkasil SKI Pseudo-cationic special softener for all type of fibers
Alkasil SMC Hydrophilic macro silicone softener for textiles
Alkasoft WIA Weight Increasing Agent
Water & Oil Repellent
Alkaguard FCC Fluorocarbon (highly concentrated)Fluorocarbon for producing durable water & oil-repellent effects to textiles
Alkaguard RFC Fluorocarbon for producing durable water & oil-repellent effects to textiles