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Coloration of textiles involves the use of dyes and pigments of various classes, which are applied to the textile materials by different techniques of dyeing. In dyeing, the dyeing additives used to allow the even surface distribution of the dye, the desired colour depth and brilliance, the necessary colour fastness so that colours do not fade.

General approach in dyeing is production of level dyeing using dyestuff and specialty auxiliaries.

Washing Off / Sequestering Agent
Alkapan DPE
Washing off and protective collides with sequestering properties
Alkapan ALH
Special product for after-soaping reactive & vat dyeing
Alkapan CPR
Washing off for reactive dyeing & printing
Alkapan RSE
Surfactant-free special product for removing reactive dyestuff hydrolyzate from reactive dyeing and prints in liquors containing electrolytes
Dispersing Agents
Alkasperse P-100
Universal dispersing and levelling agent
Alkasperse ORM
Universally applicable dispersing agent
Alkasperse SMS
Universally applicable dispersing agent
Alkabid APL
Low-foaming dispersing and levelling agent for dyeing polyester
Alkabid W
Emulsifier for textile printing
Leveling Agent
Alkabid TS 300
Low-foaming levelling agent for polyester dyeing
Alkabid VAT
Leveling agent for vat dyeing
Alkabid LDR
Dispersing agent improving the solubility of reactive dyestuffs
Anti-Migrating Agent
Alkapan DMI
Anti-migrating agent for Continuous Dyeing
Alkapad DAB
One Component product for Pigment Dyeing System
Dyeing Auxiliary
Alkabid RDA
Alkali donor for reactive dyeing
Reactive Fixing Agent
Alkafix FK 400
Formaldehyde free Reactive Fixer
Alkafix DR
Cationic afterfixing agent for reactive dyeing
Alkafix FBF
Cationic fixing agent for direct & reactive dyeing
Alkafix FFR
Cationic afterfixing agent for reactive dyeing
Lubricating Agent
Alkalube NAC
Crease preventing agent and gliding agents
Alkalube TCC
Crease preventing agent and gliding agent for cellulose fibres
Per-Oxide Killer
Alkalase BF-400 
Enzymatic auxiliary for the destruction of remaining peroxide after bleaching
Alkapan BRE
Dyeing auxiliary for two step oxidative bleaching and dyeing
Reducing Agent
Alkapan RED
Reducing agent for aftercleaning of PES in dyeing bath