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Denim Processing



Denim Coating

Alkapure ECO (PU)

Water based aliphatic polyurethane

Alkacoat AP 8000 (acrylic)

Water based acrylic copolymer

Alkalink 24 C
Polyisocyanate crosslinker for water based products
Garment Washing
Alkapol BSD
Highly concentrated washing agent to avoid Back-Staining
Alkazym UL
Acid Cellulose with broad application spectrum
Alkazym GRL
Acid Cellulose Enzyme for textile finishing
Alkazym GCC 200
Highly Concentrated Acid cellulase for textile finishing especially recommended for producing “Organic Cotton” (GOTS)
Alkazym ECO
Unique cellulase product for stonewashing blended with surfactants and buffering agents
Alkapol ABS
Anti-backstaining auxiliary for application in desize, stone-wash and after-treatment of denim to reduce backstaining