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Cooling Water Treatment

A device for lowering the temperature of water by evaporative cooling in which atmospheric air is in contact with falling water, thereby exchanging heat.

Without effective water treatment, a cooling water system can suffer from scale formation, corrosion and fouling and may become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria such as those which cause Legionnaires ‘disease. This reduces efficiency, shortens plant life and makes your operation unreliable and unsafe.

Poor control can not only put your cooling process at risk, but can also squander millions rupees in wasted energy, chemicals and water charges. Our aim is to keep your system operating safely and efficiently.

ALKACLEAR cooling water treatment programs are designed to control mineral deposits, debris buildup and biofilm growth. Our chilled programs can significantly reduce energy and maintenance costs and help to insure environmental regulation compliance.

ALKACLEAR corrosion and scale inhibitors protect multi metal systems from a wide range of mineral deposits and corrosive processes. ALKACLEAR dispersants effectively remove rust, silt, mud and other debris from tower and pipe surfaces, and biocides safely reliably control algae, fungi and bacterial slimes.



Alkaclear 620

Closed Loop Chiller & Hot water Corrosion inhibitor

Alkaclear 622

Non Oxidizing Biocide

Alkaclear 625

Excellent Scale inhibitor & Corrosion control

Alkaclear 630

Broad Spectrum biocide

Alkaclear 644

Bio-dispersant /Non ionic surfactants

Alkaclear 652

Scale & Corrosion inhibitor

Alkaclear 672

Scale inhibitor and dispersant